Dealership Inquiry

Dealership Inquiry

«« Vision »»

We aim to become India's biggest Air Ventilator Manufacturer with continuously expanding and focusing on the Air Ventilator product range which will have a wide sales network. This will benefit our customers and our dealers globally.
Our vision of expansion have prime focus on our dealership network and we believe that our dealers are most important of our business. Complete support of dealers will be great for our customers as well as they can get great service.
Our dealers are our partners to provide great customer service which can positively promote our company. Our dealers as a member of Ambica Engineering Works will focus on helping our customers with the best suitable product for them and help them saving energy and enhancing their production.

«« Mission »»

Ambica Engineering Works is committed to have a dealer and sales and service representative in each and every city of India. Our dealership network have covered more than 80% of Indian cities and we are looking forward to reach upto 100%.
Along with establishing dealerships for our Air Ventilator Products across India, we also have a mission to have dealerships across Asia, Europe and in most of the parts of the world where there is demand for Air Ventilation and Energy saving products. We want to help the world to save energy and use the nature powered energy optons.

«« Expectations »»

Our preferred dealer should have a vast area surrounding him having demand for our Air Ventilator products. He should be sincere enough for expanding our reach to all the present industries in his area.
The dealers joining us will get exclusive rights in their area. They will not directly or indirectly associate with any other manufacturer of Air Ventilators or any product manufactured by us.
WE always focus on having TRUST & RELATIONSHIP whenever we appoint new dealer and and our motive to make the relationship more fruitful and long lasting. We can sincere, practical and transparent approach while appointing dealerships.

«« Support From Ambica Engineers »»

All our dealers will get professional training to check the customer requirements for Air Ventilator or Wash Basins and provide the best options which suits them.
We do provide all soft and hard copies of sales support material of Air Ventilators and Wash Basins.
We also provide all necessary installation and service support for our customers purchasing Air Ventilators and Wash Basins.

«« Expansion And Diversification »»

Ambica Engineering Works is continuously upgrading it products both in design and size of industrial ventilators. Development is a continuous process and we aim to be among the top air ventilator manufactures in India and air ventilator exporters in India. We are already among the top Air Ventilator Manufacturers in Vadodara and Gujarat. Our product line up speaks on it own. We manufacture Steel Air Ventilators, Motorised Air Ventilators, Roof Air Ventilators, Turbo Air Ventilators, Venturi Air Ventilators, Stone Wash Basins, Wooden Wash Basins, Resin Wash Basins and many more products.
We are also planning to introduce solar power motorised air ventilator and many other products which can provide energy savings to our clients.